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How PPC works


If you would like your website on page 1 of Google there is no better way than using Pay-Per-Click and Adwords. Google Adwords is complicated, but don’t worry that you are not technical enough to manage an Adwords campaign. Through our personalized processes you will be sure that you are reaching your target market at the lowest cost possible. Adwords does not need to be expensive. Many of your greatest clicks can be had for roughly $1 per click – If you are…(read more)


ABC’s of SEO and Your URL


What are the ABC’s for increasing organic links for your website? With these basic web 2.0 link building tips your website can move up in rank quickly.

Everyone remembers to look for a good URL to get their website started, but many people forget that they will also want to own the same names for their blog, Twitter account, Gmail and maybe even a (800) number try this tool for help – If you want your website found as soon as possible when you…(read more)


Improve Your Website Usability


If your website is not easy to use, visitors will either be unable to purchase, may purchase less, or they may leave your website in frustration to buy from your competitor. Use these steps to learn how to make your website more intuitive and easy-to-use for your website visitors with these tips, resulting in more conversions and higher profits for you. Use these 5 steps to make your website convert through better design elements…(read more)


We’ll Keep Your Digital Team Accountable


Have you contacted your PPC team this week? Do you know how many links your SEO company has built for your website this week? Most companies do not know the answers to these questions and many others, but that is why consulting for these services has become so important. We’d like to help. It will only take a few minutes. It’s free education.   Would you like to contact us for some help?