SEM Company Defined

previous… Search Engine Marketing (sem) defined: Sem is defined as, how a website is marketed online using digital media and social media. SEM is not a single step. It’s the the creation of all your digital channels that drive traffic … Continued

Traditional Marketing is Dead

Take this article for what it is and think about how your traditional marketing efforts should change… Or if you have already changed your marketing tactics, congratulate yourself. Marketing in the digital age is different, can seem scary, but with a little bit of the right help your business will be successful for a fraction of the cost

How to get Twitter Followers

#1 Follow others – nobody will know you exist until you follow them. You can stop following them later if their Tweets are annoying or off-color #2 Follow Back – etiquette says that if someone follows you on Twitter you should follow back. This may not happen with the Twitter Whales of the world like @dooce and @theonion but that is because they can’t and wouldn’t be able to reply to all the direct messages that would be coming to them. (You can only DM somone that is following you back.) #3 Follow more

Clean Your Apps Permission

Check out the new site   Here is what they recommend….Try guessing how many apps permission setting are accessing your private information… then click the icons below to find out how many other programs have access to your personal … Continued