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December 4th, 2009 in Starting a New Website by Mark

In a previous life I was a fitness enthusiast, to some extent I still am. And from previous experience I learned that hard work pays off and training to become better at your trade is a constant process. Marketing your business is no different. It is a constant effort and if you give up on it you can lose all the benefits of your hard work. So through the holiday season you may want to consider a “personal trainer” for your website. If you have never had a trainer maybe you don’t know the benefits. If you like to know more…


#1 They motivate you. I found over the years that paying for training is the best way to get fit. When you pay for a service, you are really motivated to get the most out of it.


#2 They personally motivate you to be better through pointing out weaknesses that need attention or enhancing your strongest points. For instance, if you are already a strong company or have a great website with a great following, you will probably want to work on what you already do best. On the other hand if you are a newer business you may want to consider looking into strengthening some of the weak points in your armor.


Either technique will work and both will have benefits, but if you never hire the trainer you will never see the results. Many people are the do-it-yourself’er types and this is often a good start. But who can be an expert in every field? Nobody. We all need help. Even top athletes have trainers. And most likely it is not someone with more skill than them, instead it is someone with more knowledge and experience than them. That is how we learn. We get in contact with a specialist or “personal trainer” that has the experience and knowledge to improve your performance. You pay for the service, improve your performance and start the new year with greater confidence, knowing that you trained through the holidays and are not coming out of the Holiday’s fat and slow, but instead stronger and ready for the new year.


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