SEM Company Defined


Search Engine Marketing (sem) defined:

Sem is defined as, how a website is marketed online using digital media and social media. SEM is not a single step. It’s the the creation of all your digital channels that drive traffic to your website. It’s Youtube Channels for video marketing. It’s becoming social through Facebook pages that allow you to connect with your customers and serve them. It’s creating Twitter and Yelp pages that benefit your customers. SEM is the new Web 2.0 word. – It’s the creation of an online digital presence, showing off your business and stimulating your customers to purchase, inquire, apply and research. It displays who your company is and what your business is doing.

Remarketing – It’s how your current customers will remember that they found  your website online.

Tracking (TRAK) defined:

Tracking or analytics is the new buzz word that let’s you measure the results of your online digital efforts. Analytics tracking shows you how many times you are on page one in search, what keywords people use to find you, where your company needs to improve and gives a dollar value to your efforts. It quantifies your bottom-line ROI.

Monthly tracking will show you who is interested. Measurable results will let know who’s looking and who’s clicking.

Review –  Research – Analyze – Rank  – Implement


  • Review the performance of your website using Google Analytics.
  • Research how your customers find you.
  • Analyze your competitors and how they perform in search engine results.
  • Rank your website according to the search engines.
  • Implement a plan of action to meet your needs and work within your budget.


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