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SEO is the process of increasing traffic volume from search engines to your business. This will allow your socially engaged customers to find your corporation whether you are advertising with paid services or not. We optimize your website, social media and content pages, get external links to your business and get more traffic on your webpage.

Did you know? “More than 86% of all internet users click on the first search engine result in Google.”

Pay Per Click or PPC is a leading web advertising model in which advertisers pay their host, often Google, when an ad is clicked. It is a preferred form of digital marketing to drive leads to your website that instantly places you on page 1 of Google.

“PPC’s – Interactive marketing spending in the US will more than triple over the next five years, reaching $61 billion by 2012, according to a Forrester Research, Inc.”


On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the process of improving your website or webpage so that  search engines are able to see or index your site via “natural” or un-paid, organic search results.



Local Search

Is your business a “local business” that draws most of its customers from your surrounding area? We can help with that too. Is your business showing up in local search results? Does your business show up from searching on your phone? Did you know Google customizes searches related to mobile devices based on this stat?

 “20% of all searches are related to location and 85% of phone searches are relative to location.”


April 2012 comScore reports that 14.3 billion searches were conducted through Google in March 2012, this means nearly 3 billion Google search queries contained local terms.


Is this all a little confusing? Unfortunately we know it is and we are sure we can help you work this out. Just call or click above to contact us and we will get you on the road to understanding your outsourced managing services.Still need more information? Having a hard time with your marketing bottom line? Learn how reduced operating costs for marketing can allow you to get into this new marketing arena. Having trouble with first steps? Contact us for a consultation.