Facebook Doesn’t Compete With Google Plus

Facebook Doesn't Compete With Google Plus





I was talking with a friend that just joined Google Plus and told him Facebook Doesn’t Compete With Google Plus. He was disappointed and this is the final thought I had about Google+ and how it works. It seemed interesting so I decided I would post it.

Google Plus competes with Twitter

Google+ is more about live content and search-ability. I don’t think this is a direct competitor to Facebook. They just let everyone believe that they are trying to compete with Facebook to try and get people to join.

If you are interested in what I mean, try a test like typing something into the search bar from your Google+ page like “economics” or “car reviews” (no quotes needed) and you can see all the trending topics relating to economics and cars…. Most people don’t even realize that Google+ does this.

Also, the content on G+ can be searchable without having a login to G+. That creates a great opportunity to spread your content to a live audience by a simple comment on trending content.

Google Plus competes with LinkedIn

I would actually say that G+ is a cross between Twitter and LinkedIn. It has a similar feel to Twitter’s live content, if you are in the search bar and it is more like LinkedIn when you post personal or business content on your about pages.

It’s not so much about re-connecting as it is about new connections. I might even say its about “topical” connections. Thought leaders in your area of interest that you might be interested in.