Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Video Views Online

Original article posted November 24th, 2009 in SEO Tools by Mark


YouTube isn’t very complicated. It’s all about thinking what will my audience click… while they are at work. That is the key. If you want a video to go viral that takes work, but the first step is putting up images and title that are not offensive. If it can be watched at work it can be sent to anyone and that is what can go viral. Did you click my image? Why? Because of its Title?



YouTube marketing is a free service and anyone or any business can have a free YouTube channel. To get a YouTube channel all you will need to do is create an ID and find or borrow a digital camera to upload your video. Here are the top 10 tips to to follow to boost your video views online.


Here are the 10 steps to follow:


1. Research keywords related to your content and find popular YouTube videos


2. Use the keyword and title tags from the popular videos and copy them into your video.


3. Find relevant channels in YouTube and subscribe to them.


4. Create a description that begins and ends with your URL


5. Repeat the most important keywords in your description at least 4-5 times each


6. Get friends, family and co-workers to rate and favorite your videos


7. Have a few friends view your new video and comment on your video – This is important because it is always hardest to get the first comments on a video. Nobody wants to be the first one to post a comment.


8. Use YouTube to send out friend requests or use software to do it for you


9. Respond to other relevant videos that use similar keywords


10. Make comments on relevant videos


To find out more or post questions, please post comments and always watch the Free SEO Tools Blog for more details.


And if you are waiting for the link to the video here you go.Viral video

Good Luck and Happy marketing!

6 Steps To Building Your Best Links Ever

January 6th, 2010 by Mark

Link building – a no nonsense approach to finding quality links. Recently I have been receiving comments asking for an article on link building. So here you go. As usual, my readers can decide what should be on this blog and I will give you a 6 step strategy that is proven to work. Recently in fact I read another article on getting your videos on page one of Google and it made me think that this could also be a great strategy for building links. So check this out for another way to build links or to get your videos to rank high.


Link building is one of the most important strategies to making a page rank, a video rank or an article rank. Here is a quick strategy on how to rank your YouTube channel high in Google free organic search results on page one in Google. If you don’t have it already you will want to download SeoQuake. It’s an add-on tool for Mozilla Firefox. SeoQuake is a tool for web masters and others that do search engine optimization to promote websites. SeoQuake works inside your Google searches and lets you dig deeper into the stats of your search results telling you things like page rank and number of links of pages.


Now for the steps to make this work.


1. Find the YouTube video or article that you want to promote and make sure you already know your keywords.


2. Create your article’s or video’s title with your subject in the title. Make sure the title grabs attention so that people will click on.


3. Go to Google search and click on the advance search and fill in the areas below.


a. Find web pages that have…

all these words:  “put your general topic here”

this exact wording or phrase: => Channel Comments (use this for YouTube) or – comments (for articles)

one or more of these words: => Leave blank

This will take you to all the YouTube user pages or article pages that have to do with your keyword.


b. Go down to:

Need more tools?

Results per page: => 100 results

Language: => any language

File type: => any format

Search within a site or domain: => or article sites like (these are all page rank 6 sites)

When your done click “advanced search”


4. Now use the SeoQuake bar just below the Google ads. It’s near the top of the page. You’ll see a spot that says “sort” with a bunch of arrows and question marks. Now look for the letters “PR” next to the Google symbol and click the “?”. This will load the page rank of all the pages in search.


5. Now click the one with an arrow going down. This will bring the pages with the highest ranks to the top.


6. Click on the each result that has high ranking.


If you are doing this for videos this will take you to their YouTube channel and you can see there are no follow links thoughout the channel except for where you can leave a comment.


a. Now leave a comment here about their channel and what will happen next is that you will get all that page rank to pass back to your YouTube channel videos that you are trying to get rank on Google.


b. Or if you did this for an article the same will happen. Their page rank will boost yours.


Thanks to everyone for asking for this article and I hope it will get your pages ranking as quickly as possible.


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