Google Penguin Update – 7 Tips

As Google promises they constantly make changes to the search algorithm. So with that Google's Penguin Updatein mind they have released another update called penguin. This update does not make a huge change, but instead reinforces what they have been promoting for years. Much like the freshness update that gives privilege to website with current content that is updated regularly the penguin update reinforces that thought again. Below are the 7 tips from Vishal from Infotech.



  1. Do not Spam websites with meaningless keywords in the content.
  2. If your website is displaying Ads on the top of the page, make sure they are accompanied with useful content.
  3. Improve your social presence.
  4. Work to increase time spent by users on the website and reduce bounce rate.
  5. Incorporate a blog on the website and update it weekly. It would be beneficial if you have your latest posts linked on the home page.
  6. Enrich your content with videos and pictures.
  7. Submit your website to Webmaster Central and notice if there are any issues being reported by Google. If any, eliminate them.

There isn’t anything here too shocking, but we should always watch these updates if you want to stay on top of the constant updates from Google. Bottom line… If you stick to white hat SEO and link building you will be fine with the new update.

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