Boost Your Video Views

Boost Your Video Views – Social Media Marketing by Video


How to use sharing sites like YouTube to increase your brand name awareness, website traffic, and profits!

Any business can have a free YouTube channel. YouTube marketing allows you to market to anyone and all you will need to do is create an ID and find or borrow a digital camera to upload your video. Here are the top 10 tips to to follow to boost your video views online.

10 Steps to Follow

1. Research keywords related to your content and find popular YouTube videos

2. Use the tags from the popular videos and copy them into your tags and titles

3. Find relevant channels in YouTube and subscribe to them.

4. Create a description that begins and ends with your URL

5. Repeat the most important keywords in your description at least 4-5 times each

6. Get friends, family and co-workers to rate and favorite your videos

7. Have a few friends view your new video and comment on your video – This is important because it is always hardest to get the first comments on a video. Nobody wants to be the first one to post a comment.

8. Use YouTube to send out friend requests or use software

9. Respond to other relevant videos that use similar keywords

10. Make comments on relevant videos

To find out more or post questions please feel free to go to the Free SEO Tools Blog and post comments or questions.

Good Luck and Happy marketing!

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  1. As usual, content is king. A video with good content will have higher chances of attracting viewers than a mediocre one. These are excellent tips. Thanks

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