Design A Website To Convert Visitors

Design websites that convert visitorsConvert Visitors in 5 Steps

Improve your website usability  Make it easy to use. If your website is not easy to use, visitors will either be unable to purchase, may purchase less, or they may leave your website in frustration to buy from your competitor. Make your website intuitive and easy-to-use for your website visitors, resulting in more conversions and higher profits for you. Use a short conversion form that stands out. Improve your sales copy Have a clear call to action. If your website copy does not clearly and compellingly present the benefits of your company/products/services, then your site visitors will be unmotivated, unconvinced, and unlikely to convert. Craft compelling sales copy for your website that will encourage and entice your site visitors to convert. Don’t just have a button. Have a button that tells them what to do, “Buy Now”, “Click to get more info”, “Have a representative give you a call”. Tell them what they are getting. Tweak your conversion funnel Every single step that your website visitors take, from when they enter your website to when they make a purchase or submit a lead form, is important. Analyze your conversion funnel and make improvements to increase conversion rate. Watch where your pages stop converting. Is it your info page, do you need some mild changes to text? Multi-variate testing The most dependable strategy to increase conversion rates is to religiously test every important element in your conversion funnel – everything from headlines to buttons to page layout. Setup and manage a multi-variate split-testing campaigns for your website that will continually work to improve your website conversion rate. Improve website design Designers can also work to improve your site design to better communicate your message to your site visitors.   Still not satisfied with the depth of this article? Try our post on Writing For Robots – A look into how to design website content for optimal search results or Contact Semtrak for help.

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