Step-by Step Build a Business with Twitter

Step-by Step Build a Business with Twitter


December 18th, 2009 in Starting a New WebsiteTwitter by Mark

Day 1 When you first start a Twitter account, unless you have done a lot of reading, you probably don’t know what to do or what to say to get followers using Twitter. In my experience building a Twitter followers list isn’t too hard if you follow a few simple guidelines and don’t break Twitters rules. Twitter does have rules that you will want to follow and take warning now, if you go overboard Twitter can shut down your account and delete your followers. But this is not something to panic about unless you plan on spamming your new followers.


If you plan on building a followers list quickly here are a few things to consider before you start going crazy with Twitter.


Tip #1  Make your Tweets informative


First of all, when you open your account you will need to Twitter on your account first before you start following. It is good to get about 20 tweets out there to let people know what kind of things you will be twittering about. A good tweet from a newbie is usually retweeting other people that you like or possibly sending out links to popular articles on the web or articles of your own if you will be writing articles and posting on the web.


Tip #2 Make them short


Twitter gives you 140 characters to write a tweet and that’s not much. I will say make sure you write your tweet in 120 characters or less. Remember, people will be reading these on their phones and at work. They don’t have time to try and understand what you are trying to say. You are only writing headlines for a link.


Tip #3 Know your audience


If you are building your follower list be focused. You will want to RT (retweet) articles that focus on your audience. If you sell IT, send out usefull articles and tips that would interest your clients or peers. ANd it never hurts to e intersting and funny.


Tip #4 Remember, this is just SEO


When you are building a list it is like everything else you do for SEO. It’s not rocket science. Take a little and effort to get a good follower list that is focused on your market. It will give you credibility and it will also give your readers a list of valuable followers to follow.


Bottom line, get a list built. Don’t do it too quickly and when you have questions on what to do next consider reading the article on Tips to Get Twollowers.

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