Twittering for Tw-Dollars or Tw-Followers

December 18th, 2009 in Starting a New WebsiteTwitter by Mark

Twollowers Followers – Can you say Tweet?

The hottest thing in social media is, and has been be for a while is Twitter. It is a really cool tool that doesn’t make much sense to people, so i will try to make sense of it for you. Now take to heart that seeing is believing, so you will probably need to try this to believe it, I did and have seen it work. It’s funny, before you try it you will probably be asking the same 2 things as everyone else that has not tried Twitter for themselves, who cares what I’m thinking and who is watching that matters? And in all honesty, those are 2 great questions. They are the basics of why Twitter works. Let’s address each one at a time and then I will tell you what to do to get more followers.

Tip #1 to learn – If you aren’t doing it you aren’t making money from it.

Who Cares? – The most basic answer is nobody. The better answer is – people that don’t know you and nobody if you never try it. The world is your oyster and Twitter is the the ocean. There are more than 2 million people and companies on Twitter. If it didn’t work the largest companies in the world like the Big 3 wouldn’t be spending money on it. So if you aren’t on it, nobody outside your social sphere of influence will ever know about you or your business.

Tip #2  This world is built off of luck, who you know, and extra effort.

Who’s watching that matters? Same answer… nobody is watching full time, but this isn’t about who has the time to constantly watch tweets on Twitter. It is about being on Twitter at peak times (5 am-9am PST and 5-6pm PST) the start and end of work day and meeting one extra person per day that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Twitter is another social world of people where you can access people you don’t know and market to them or just talk to them to learn from their experiences  and you won’t fully understand it until you take the time to experience it. But I think we have all forgotten that a large portion of  Twitter is about learning from others experiences. It is an amazing source of popular articles and the ultimate source for learning about current events – while it is happening. I watched Michael Jackson go from assumed deceased to officially deceased live through Twitter. This isn’t something great to mention, but it is something I won’t forget.

Twitter is a game of luck and increasing your chances. Twitter is being there to respond to them. Twitter is teaching the world at an exponential pace. And Twitter is more about giving back than selling.  Nobody can guarantee that Twitter will work for your company, but just like in Texas Hold-Em, if you never stay in to see the flop you will never have a chance to win a hand.

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